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Katherine O’Keeffe

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After a successful portfolio career in service to people of all ages through education, healthcare, wellness, and creative ventures, Katherine embarked on a journey to distill this diverse combination of wisdom, experience, and unique skillsets into a new chapter that would offer individuals practical methods of staying focused, resetting after setbacks, and enjoying more fulfilling lives.

Her ability to help groups align with broad goals, find common ground, and move forward is rooted in her essential belief that the starting line is always with the individual, and a clear understanding of how the mind works. Her work outlines the inextricable link between the mind-body-emotions as an untapped source of power for people.

Many people are beginning to understand and accept the widespread benefits

of a healthier lifestyle to offset the stress and pressures of daily life. Katherine shows you step by step how to bring that mindset directly and practically into your

workplace culture and practices, align your organization and harness its diversity, and create a culture of thriving!

Her books, workshops, and small group talks are experiential and focused on developing personal awareness and accountability, establishing strong personal priorities, and aligning them with larger contexts such as the workplace, healthy interpersonal relationships, financial health, and in service to the larger community.

Companies that choose to thrive instead of survive have begun to understand that the wellbeing and integrity of their company lies in the alignment of the individual. Nothing can be achieved that is sustainable without a refined sense of your personal power of choice, accountability, and ability to create as an individual. In the context of that alignment the individual is offering his/her personal best.

We all benefit!

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